Atinga Ayimbila Paulina with stage name Ayine was yesterday crowned Queen of the North at this year’s Queen of the North Ghana TV Reality Show held in Tamale. She is a representative of the Upper East Region.

She won stiff competition from four (4) other contestants from the Northern, Upper West and East Regions.

She succeeds Queen Tung-Teiya Dahamani who won the first edition of the reality show in 2021 and went ahead to win Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2022.

1st Runner up went to Alhassan Belinda with stage, Maltiti, representing Northern Region.

2nd Runner up went to Nawere Esther with stage name Nawere who represented the Upper West Region, whiles the Cultural and Tourism Ambassadors went Teliba from the Upper East Region and Kassy from the Northern Region respectively.

As her prize package, Ayine drove home Imaby Queen of the North branded New car, and has a year project to execute.

Ayine is a level 300 student of the University for Development Studies, Nyankpala campus. She hails from the land of peace, unity, bravery and power, the traditional cross road for the Trans Saharan trade routes. The home to various must see culture, history and tradition, the gate way to Ghana from Burkina Faso and Togo the upper east region of Ghana. 

Ayine is from Kologo in the Kassena Nankana Municipality.

It is the aim of Ayine to focus on women entrepreneurship afte emerging the winner of Queen of the North 2022.

She wants the girl child as well as women in the north to be taught handy skills like soap making, yoghurt making and tie and dye.

“In as much as education is key, the reality is that some girls in the north are unable to go to tertiary or even secondary school due to financial challenges. Some do not even have any form of support to learn long term skills like hair dressing and dress making. These skills would empower them to cater for themselves” Miss Ayine disclosed.

She added “it is disheartening to see girls below the age of 18 years go into early marriage just because they are unable to go to school. If these girls are taught handy skills it would help reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy and early marriage since the girl child will be able to survive on their own, weather she is able to go to school or not, I strongly believe that this will also help reduce the emigration rate in the north were people (especially the girl child) moves to the southern part of the country to look for greener pastures,  this will go a long way in reducing unemployment rate in northern Ghana and influence economic development”, Ayine told

She expressed appreciation to the people of the Upper East Region, most especially Kologo Naaba, Naaba Clifford Abagna Asobayire Tandaguregkekugre, Bolgatanga Naaba, Naaba Raymond Alafia Abilba, Bawku Naaba, Naaba Azoka Siigri Abugrago, Sandema Naaba, Naab Azagzuk Azantelow, Navro Pio Pe-dennis Aneakwoa Belinia Adda, and all paramount chiefs, sub-chiefs for their support.

The Queen of the North TV Reality Show project seeks to create a unique platform to promote the untapped natural resources and tourist sites as well as showcase the rich cultural heritage of the people of the five regions of the North to world.