The General Secretary of the National Muslims Conference has asked the Muslim community in Ghana to begin to take keen interest in policies formulated to govern the country. Mr. Inusah Mohammed Baba lamented Muslims over the years have failed to make their inputs before national policies are passed into law in the country.

This, he observed has always been detrimental to the Muslim population in the country and suggested moving forward it is about time leadership of the various Muslim sects come together to have a common voice on critical bills before Parliament for passage.

“…One that has become clear to us that the time has come for to look at each other in the face and tell each other the truth. And that is truth is for us to learn how to accept each other the way almighty Allah has created us and learn to appreciate diversity and learn to work together in unity in our diverse forms.”

Mr. Inusah Mohammed Baba – General Secretary of National Muslims Conference

“Because it cannot be that everything about us is diversified, there might necessarily be things that would keep us together and there will be things that will keep us apart. And we are lucky that the fundamental thing that keep us all together starting with the first and foremost is Allah, and it does not matter who you’re – an Ahmadist, a Sunni, Tijaniya or Shia – you believe that Allah is one and it is he alone we all worship. Similarly, we’ve all agreed that the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the final messenger of Allah and then we’ve all agreed that there is a book of guidance that was sent to him and all of us in our diversion, we are all clinging onto this book to be the primary source of guidance to us” Mr. Baba intimated.

The National Muslims Conference General Secretary made these remarks at a meeting in Tamale on Sunday (February 19, 2023) to adopt the Northern Region Muslims Council inaugurated last December.

He explained that the National Muslims Conference is an institutional mechanism established to address issues bothering the socioeconomic wellbeing of Muslims especially in education, health and finance among many other thematic areas.

Mr. Inusah Mohammed Baba said other religious groups would always come together under an umbrella body to demand their share of national development in spite of their differences and also take keen interest in national policies to the benefit of their people.

On the other hand, he noted, “We’re not consulted in anyway when policies of the state are being developed because we’re nowhere near the state. Few of our people we find in government are just individuals who have found their own way to maneuver through political parties and they are there, they’re not there because we’re the reason why they chose them.”  

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Publicity Committee of NMC, Dr A.M Marzuq Azindoo, for his part commended leadership of the Northern Region Muslims Council for the initiative.