A mental health advocate, Esenam Drah has called for more education on mental health conditions to reduce the stigmatisation associated with them.

According to her, many people have suicidal thoughts yet are oblivious that it is usually a symptom of some psychological condition.

She believes sensitisation about mental health will enlighten the public to identify the conditions in their early stages, thus leading to prompt medical intervention.

“When you continue the education and awareness on suicide it becomes normalised. By normalising such conversations, people will actually see that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to seek professional help,” she said in an interview with Blessed Sogah on JoyNews’ The Pulse

Miss Drah is also a survivor of suicidal tendencies. Recounting how she lived without being aware of her mental condition for years until she was diagnosed, she explained that there were countless people experiencing mental breakdowns yet assumed it was normal, because the Ghanaian setting does not embrace issues regarding mental health.

“It’s also very alarming to know that there are a lot of people walking around who have actually had suicide attempts, they have actually gone through with their suicide attempt. They don’t talk about it so people think, oh I am the only one who is going through with it.

“I will be very happy if those who have experience with suicidal attempt, would come out and share their stories,” she said on Wednesday.

On March 28, Parliament amended sections of the Criminal Offenses Act of 1960, which makes attempting to take one’s own life a crime.

Source: My Joy Online