Ghanaian reggae artiste  Rocky Dawuni has revealed that his relevance and success in the music industry is because he has chosen to be unique with his own style without being pressured to follow music trends.

The multiple Grammy award nominee indicated many artistes with global potentials are failing to make the mark because they abandoned what sets them apart and kowtowed what is believed to be in vogue and trendy.

He asserted that the path to sure success in the music industry lies in remaining true to one’s unique vision and cultural identity.

The three-time Grammy nominee emphasized that his ability to stay true to his cultural roots and draw inspiration from Ghana’s rich music traditions encouraged him to carve a niche, earning him global recognition and attention.

Rocky Dawuni pointed out that his approach has not only secured him longevity but earned him huge reputation among music audiences.

 “Embracing my calling has shaped my mindset to be resilient as a musician and not be swayed by trends but rather create my own pathway”,  he said in a recent interview on TV3.

He urged young artistes to embrace their unique vision and cultural identity to attain lasting success in the industry.