The Volta River Authority and Zoomlion Ghana Limited have both denied signing any contract for the fumigation of the Lower Volta regions affected by the recent spillage from the Akosombo Dam.

The VRA had earlier told JoyNews it had signed a contract with the sanitation company for the exercise.

VRA’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Ing. Kwame Osei Mensah Darkwa, who disclosed the deal, had emphasised the Authority’s commitment to ensuring the safety and habitability of homes, public spaces, and the entire community following the floods.

However, in separate press statements dated Monday, October 30, 2023, Zoomlion and VRA denied signing any contract to fumigate the flooded areas.

While denying any contractual agreement with VRA, Zoomlion’s Communication Directorate pointed out that Zoomlion had taken the initiative on October 23, 2023, to donate relief items valued at over GHȼ500,000 to the spillage victims.

Additionally, Zoomlion expressed its intention to carry out fumigation activities once the receding waters allowed for such measures.

The firm also reiterated its unwavering commitment to upholding corporate social responsibility standards and continuing its steadfast support for the communities in the Volta Region and other regions across Ghana.

VRA on the other hand, said it had awarded no such contract.

“We wish to state that VRA has not awarded any contract to Zoomlion for the fumigation of communities impacted by the controlled spillage.

“VRA acknowledges the assistance being offered by institutions, companies, groups, and individuals, and will continue to work with all stakeholders in our relief efforts for the communities impacted by the controlled spillage from the Akosombo dam,” it said.