Almost a month after the public was made aware of Nigerian actor Mr Ibu’s health challenges, yet another prominent figure from Nollywood has chosen to share his own battle with a serious ailment. 

In a heartfelt video posted on Facebook, actor Amaechi Muonagor disclosed that he has been grappling with the effects of a stroke for the past seven months.

He said on the fateful day when the stroke struck him, he had wrapped up filming on a movie set and was preparing to enter his car. 

Since that day, Mr Muonagor said he has endured an arduous journey of recovery, spending months within the confines of a hospital in an effort to regain his health.

“I am sick; this thing that is called stroke caught up with me, and from there, they rushed me to the hospital. The first hospital they rushed me to was in Nnewi, where I spent some two months. And I was referred to The Teaching Hospital Nnewi, and here I am.”

“In that set, I was with Emeka Ani, Patience Ozokwo, Rita Edochie and Ebele Okaro; at the end of that moment, I was to enter my car when I was struck with this problem, and since then, it’s getting worse. Right now, I cannot move; I can’t walk alone. All my left half is paralysed, so it’s a problem to me.”

However, despite his unwavering resilience, the actor said his health has not improved and has remained in a critical condition, facing a daunting battle against the consequences of the stroke

“For example, my left hand is not movable and the leg sometimes swells and I find it difficult to even move it. So that is the problem I’m having. I need assistance because ever since then I’ve been spending money, paying for hospital beds, paying for drugs.

Amaechi Muonagor called on his fans, colleagues in the industry and well-wishers to support him financially.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t make it known to the public because I didn’t know it will last this long. But as it is now I’m calling on well spirited individuals to assist me, to see how they can help me, it’s paralysis.

“I need help, anybody that is touched that is really my fan this is the time. The hospital that I am currently I’ve been in the hospital for three months. I thought it’s a week or few days something that I will go and come back but it prolonged. So I didn’t make it known to people. This is why I am calling all my friends both in Nollywood and outside to help me.”

Mr Muonagor is known for his roles in films like 2 RatsAki Na UkwaMeet The In-LawsUkwaThe Last BurialPolice RecruitKarishika and others.