Yaw Appiah-Lartey, Africa Head of Infrastructure and Capital Projects at Deloitte, took center stage at Enterprise Bureau’s 2023 roundtable themed “Future of Work: The Megatrends of Job Creation.”

His discourse delved into the burgeoning megatrends shaping the future workforce, emphasizing the untapped potential within Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to align private and government entities in serving public interests alongside commercial benefits.

Lartey underscored the pivotal importance of directing PPPs toward essential infrastructure rather than focusing solely on luxurious endeavors. He stressed the necessity for a balanced approach to PPP goals, critiquing the prevalence of outdated procurement laws that often hinder efficient PPP execution. Furthermore, he urged applicants to showcase global PPP experience to avoid rushed bids and subsequent project failures.

Drawing attention to superficial bidding practices and stalled initiatives within African ministries, Lartey highlighted the imperative of genuine stakeholder commitment for the success of PPPs. He emphasized the often-overlooked but crucial step of comprehensive PPP project advertisement, citing missed opportunities resulting from this oversight.

His insights resonated with the need for a deeper understanding, unwavering stakeholder commitment, and strict adherence to proposal guidelines. Lartey’s discourse advocated for a balanced PPP approach, aligning endeavors with the overarching goal of serving the public good.

This clarion call prompts a reevaluation of PPP strategies, urging a more conscientious and strategic execution to effectively address critical societal needs.