The Asere Mantse in Accra, Nii Teiko Ansa III, who recently installed Asafoatsemei in towns and villages under his jurisdiction, has pointed out that the office of Asafoatse is a traditional one under the chieftaincy institution that is responsible for the protection of stool property.

He said the Asafoatse office is an honorable one and not an opportunity offered in the chieftaincy institution to cause trouble.

Nii Anasa Teiko Stated these at a media briefing held at Asere Frimpong We in Accra recently.

He used the opportunity to warn the new Asafoatsemei under his jurisdiction not to misuse their new position to cause trouble in the area.

Nii Ansa Teiko also advised the Asafoatsemei not to engage in any acts that would bring disgrace to them and his people.

According to him, the new Asafoatsemei have already been introduced to their leader who is Nii Oshipi Korkwei.

Nii Teiko also advised the Asere Asafoatse, Nii Ayi, to lead the Asafoatsemei and also to ensure that all of them act in a disciplined manner.

The Chief noted that so far Asere has 72 towns and villages.

Asere Asafoatse Nii Ayi

He explained that Nii Ayi, Asere Asafoatse, position is not limited to his hometown Danchira but he could be assigned to work in any part of Asere Dynasty if it becomes necessary.

Asere Oshipi in turn advised his people to be diligent and obedient in the discharge of their traditional duties.

He warned that if the Asafoatsemei misuse or abuse their office they would have themselves to blame.

In a separate interview, with the media, Nii Ayi, Asere Asafoatse, called on the entire Asere Dynasty to promote peace, unity and love as they all fight on to develop their towns and villages.

Nii Ayi pointed out that his main vision as Asafoatse of Asere is to foster unity and love in his jurisdiction by performing his traditional duties efficiently.

He spoke against tribalism and stressed that all men and women should be one because “we all come from one source.”

The Asafoatse was very grateful to Nii Ansa Teiko, Asere Mantse for offering him the opportunity to serve, giving assurance that he would never disappoint the chief and his elders as the leader of the group.

He said he is well aware that the position offered him is not meant to tarnish the image of Asere but rather to protect and defend the property of the Asere Stool at all times.

The Faitse of Danchira in the Ga South of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Tettey Okoh, in an interview with the journalists, wished the newly installed Asafoatsemei well and a successful reign.

He said any one who may plan evil against the newly enstooled Asafoatsemei would not succeed.

In a related development the Asere Mantse, Nii Teiko Ansah III, led his subjects to observe the Annual Yam festival for the Asere stool at Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We or stool House a in grand style at the stool house in Accra.

The occasion was 341st edition of the festival as the dynasty was founded in 1680.

The Asere Kotopon stool is one of the most powerful and respected stools in Accra.

In Ga, the yam festival is called Asere yele yeli festival.

The Frimpong We where the festival took place was full of Asere citizens and visitors as well.

A big cow, many fowls, and sheep were slaughtered as part of the customs. 

Big Obonu drums were drummed to the admiration of many participants.

The Asere Asafoatsemei fired a lot of musketries as part of the occasion.

Speaking to the media at the function, Nii Ansa Teiko III called on all Asere citizens to live in peace with one another and to support him to bring more development projects to their area.