In a move aimed at streamlining the identification process and ensuring comprehensive national record-keeping, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is set to launch a pioneering system to issue Ghana Card numbers at birth.

The initiative, slated for Thursday, March 14, 2024, marks a significant leap forward in Ghana’s efforts to enhance its identity management infrastructure.

The new system, spearheaded by the National Identification Authority (NIA), will revolutionize the issuance of identification documents by integrating the process seamlessly into the birth registration procedure.

Under the framework, newborns will receive their unique Ghana Card numbers alongside their birth certificates, effectively establishing their identity from the moment of birth.

The streamlined procedure for obtaining a Ghana Card number at birth will involve the seamless coordination between healthcare facilities and the NIA.

Upon the completion of the birth registration process at any health facility nationwide, the pertinent details of the newborn and mother will be transmitted to the NIA for validation and issuance of the Ghana Card number.

Subsequently, the assigned Ghana Card number will be incorporated into the child’s passbook, alongside the birth certificate number.

This initiative builds upon government’s commitment to modernize Ghana’s identity management systems and expand access to official identification documents.