Former first lady, Mrs Lordina Mahama, has advised young ladies to prioritise self-discipline and godliness in all their endeavours

Speaking at the 2024 young singles camp meeting at the Assemblies of God Church, she encouraged the young ladies to perceive their singleness as a unique gift from God.

She said youthfulness also offers an opportunity for personal growth, leading to fulfilment of dreams. 

Mrs Mahama further stressed the importance of pursuing education, learning a vocation, building individual capacities and striving to reach one’s full potential. 

Addressing the temptation and challenges that come with being a youth, the former First Lady cautioned young and single ladies to stay away from fornication, alcoholism, drugs and indecent lifestyle.

She instead admonished young ladies to dedicate their time to self-care and to be mindful of their appearance.

The leadership of the young single group honoured Mrs Lordina Mahama with a citation in appreciation for her mentorship to the youth of the church and the nation