Mr Affail Monney, GJA President

President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Affail Monney has implored Journalists and media institutions in the Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Savannah and North East regions to be ambassadors and advocates of the National Road Safety Authority to promote the “Arrive Alive Campaign” in the five regions of the north.

He challenged Journalists to use their various media platforms to bombard their listeners, viewers and readers on a constant basis with road safety messages in order to reorient the minds of the people to be more cautious anytime they use the road.

At a day’s engagement with Journalists in the five regions of the North in Tamale last Thursday, Mr. Affail Monney said what repeatedly enters the mind, occupies the mind, shapes the mind and determines what we do and what we become. 

He explained that the GJA’s partnership with the National Road Safety Authority is national in scope, adding, “that is why we are here to team up with you to see how we can design high minded programmes to solve the problem of high rate accidents on our roads”. 

He added that, “This is the time as Journalists to move the paradigm and change the narrative about road accidents in this country and this we can do because we’ve done before with the issue of galamsey in Ghana”

Mr. Affail Monney the noted the countdown for the 2020 general election has begun and the politicians are crisscrossing the country making juicy promises and some pouring out reckless comments.

This, he observed, does not obscure the fact that there is a serious challenge about safety and insecurity on the roads.

The GJA President bemoaned that Ghana’s road accidents record is an ignoble one lamenting that this record is a shameful one.

He further attributed it to the frequent scandalous accidents that occur and the tragic circumstances under which precious lives are perished on the through avoidable road.

Mr Affail Monney explained the partnership between the GJA and the National Road Safety Authority is simply to promote and respect the intrinsic dignity of human beings and stop the people from dying haphazardly.

He again challenged the media organizations and journalists to use the power they wield and influence to solve basic societal problems.