MultiChoice Ghana Limited has announced plans to install free GOtv decoders at a dozen of children’s homes in Ghana. This will come with one year free subscription package for the orphans to enjoy quality entertainment during this year’s festive season.  

The Corporate Affairs Manager of MultiChoice Ghana, Nii Amah Dagadu, disclosed this on Monday (November 22, 2021) in Tamale in the northern region during the launch of Gotv SUPA offer for its subscribers.

He said two orphanages each from the previous 10 regions would be selected making a total number of 20 across the country to benefit from the intervention.

“For us at MultiChoice the Christmas season or this festive season is the time to give. I’m sure when you go into town possibly from the 1st December, people see you and ask where is my Christmas gift, you see shops put out a Christmas box.”

“So for us at MultiChoice from 15th November, we start our festive season and we believe in that spirit of giving and that’s not only to our customers but the communities within which we operate and that’s the motivation behind selecting 20 orphanages to install Gotv for these kids in the orphanages to be able to also enjoy quality entertainment. It’s unfortunate these children find themselves in these orphanages but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be exposed to the kind of quality available on our platform and that is why we’re giving out these decoders with one year subscription” he explained.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of MultiChoice Ghana, Nii Amah Dagadu

He added at places where they do not have GOtv coverage, they will receive DStv installation with a year subscription package as well.

“So what we’re doing is that, we’re taking the previous 10 regions and we would be selecting two per region and roll it out to them. This is just phase one of it – next year we would repeat but the offer might change, it might be even more” he explained.

According to him, this gesture will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection in the coming days as the festive season draws closer.

No price adjustment  

Meanwhile, the MultiChoice Corporate Affairs Manager disclosed that his out would not adjust their prices until September 2022, adding it is just a way to cushion their customers for just a good time so that they [Customers] can also plan their economic lives.

He explained some years in the past what would happen as the currency keeps changing were also adjusting our prices and unfortunately however, it created an impression for us that we’ve always increasing our prices even though possibly an increase would happen once every year or sometimes twice a year.

“For examples, about two or three years ago when CST was introduced we had to adjust the price, customers saw it as price increase even though it was a new tax adjustment – because what had happen was earlier in April we had adjusted prices which was annual increase and then no long after CST was introduced and there were some adjustment and what the business has decided is that, we would now have one annual increase” Mr Nii Amah Dagadu asserted.


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