Mayor of Tamale Mr Musah Iddrisu Superior

My brothers and sisters a consequential moment in history is upon us tomorrow. We are at a national crossroads.The tragic history of our great nation is that we take one developmental step forward and then take two steps back. 

Consolidation of our gains as a nation have eluded us for decades. For the first time we are presented with an opportunity to consolidate the progress this country has made and set us on an irreversible path of transformation.

That is why we must turnout massively and vote in unprecedented numbers for President Nana Akufo-Addo.

This generation has been entrusted with the sacred responsibility to move this nation forward. Now is not the time to toy with this nation’s future.

 Free SHS must continue, the impressive record charting infrastructure projects like the Tamale interchange must continue, the largest non-crisis economic stimulus called NABCO must continue, stable food prices must continue, the potential of AfCFTA must be fully realized, expansion of NHIS must continue, the digitization of our economy must continue to eradicate corruption, there are more dams to be built in our villages, more factories to be built in the Districts, and more ambulances to come.

I could go on and on. So remember tomorrow, a vote for President Akufo Addo at position number one on the ballot box is not just a vote for that great man, it is a vote for ourselves. It is a vote in our common interest. It is vote for generations of Ghanaians yet unborn. 

Let posterity look upon us, at this moment and this exact time we voted to change this country to realize its full destiny and potential.


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