Chairman of the Northern Region Security Council (REGSEC), Mr. Salifu Sa-eed has sent a stern word of caution to the unscrupulous persons in the region that the state security agencies will not countenance lawlessness in the region following declaration of the presidential elections last Wednesday (December 9, 2020) by the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

The Minister gave out the warning at a news conference Friday morning after some unscrupulous individuals Thursday night went on rampage to fire gunshots indiscriminately and burn lorry tyres to protest against the 2020 presidential results in the Tamale Metropolis.

Mr. Salifu Sa-eed called for calm in the region and assured that the security patrols both military and police have been intensified to restore law and order. He maintained REGSEC will not countenance any further act that will seek to undermine the existing peace and security of the region.  

He added the state security architecture will use the laws of the nation to deal ruthlessly with any individual or group of persons found to be taking the laws into their own hands and perpetuate such dastardly acts in the Tamale metropolis and other parts of the northern region.

Some lawless individuals in the Tamale Metropolis burning lorry tyres to protest against the results of the Presidential elections

He further called on the Chiefs and Religious leaders in Tamale and other parts of the northern region to condemn the lawless actions of these individuals and call them to order within their respective jurisdictions to prevent the situation from escalating further.  

The Minister said the government has invested heavily to restore peace and security back to dagbon and the northern region and caution the key personalities not to interfere when the law final catches up on the recalcitrant individuals whose intention is to undermine the peace of the region.

“We will not allow any political leader, chiefs, imams and whoever. Business men and women to come to lobby that they should be released; the law will deal decisively with those people. The President of the Republic is doing everything within his powers to ensure that the country remains peaceful, the investors will still have confidence in the country and for that matter we in the Regional Security Council and the Mayor of Tamale are very mindful of the sustainability of the dagbon peace process is very critical to us” he indicated.

Violence in Savelugu

Meanwhile, the Northern Regional Security Taskforce for the 2020 Election Wednesday night arrested three suspects in connection to the shooting incident that led to the death of the teenager in the Savelugu constituency.

A 60-year old Chief of Duko, Naa Mohammed Ahmed and two others were also arrested in a swoop by the Taskforce Wednesday night.

The Northern Region Police Commander, COP Timothy Yoosa Bonga confirmed to Journalists in Tamale on Thursday (10 December, 2020) that an AK-47 rifle loaded with 40 rounds of ammunition and G3 rifle ammunition was retrieved from the home of the Duko Chief. 

He added that another AK-47 assault rifle with two magazines loaded with 60 rounds of ammunition was also retrieved from the NDC parliamentary candidate, Alhaji Iddrisu Yakubu Abdulai at his office upon a search and implored him to report personally to the police for interrogation and noted the police would’ve no option but to effect his arrest if he fails to do so. Gadafi, Tamale
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