Bro. Dominic Barimah, Grand Knight for Council 109 and Sis Joyce Oduro, Noble Lady for Court 105 Aplaku

The Marshallan fraternity, Council 109 & Court 105 has installed both Bro. Dominic Barimah and Sis Joyce Oduro as the 8th Grand Knight (GK) & Noble Lady (NL) respectively at New Aplaku of West Accra Region, for the 2021 administration.

Bro. Dominic Barimah, who was installed at the Council meeting held at the Aplaku Marshallan Multi-purpose Center in Accra, succeeds Bro. James Carl Vandyck.

The installation team was led by Sir Kt Derx Victor Baffour as the Installation Officer, Bro Fr. Augustine Abakah as the Installation Chaplin, W/Bro. Paul Eduafo Enninful, IPRGK as the Installation Secretary and Bro. Patrick Honyah as the Installation Guard.

Bro. Barimah, GK, promised to strengthen the bond of unity, charity, fraternity and service of the Noble Order in members.

He joined the Noble Order of the Knights of Marshall in October, 2011 at Council 71, Dansoman and later transferred to Council 109, New Aplaku in July, 2013 as a founding member.
Bro Barimah served as the Secretary of Finance for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 administration of Council 109 and was selected the Best Knight of Council 109 for the year 2015.

Also, he has been the Chairman of the Projects Committee of Council from 2013 to 2020.

Bro. Barimah is the first Grand Knight to be installed at the Aplaku Marshallan Multi-purpose Center of which he supervised.

Bro. Edward Abakah Hanson was also installed as the Deputy Grand Knight together with other 2021 office bearers.

The Noble Lady, Sis Joyce Oduro was initiated in October 2011, at Court 63, Dansoman. She later transferred to Court 105, New Aplaku, as a founding member, where she served as Reporter and Secretary for three (3) years. She was also a member of the Junior Order Organizing Committee.

Speaking at the installation ceremony, she encouraged sisters to develop their spiritual lives and urged them to enhance Unity, Charity and Service to build upon the good works of the Noble Order.

Sis. Rebecca Colecraft Vandyck was also installed as the Deputy Noble Lady.
The Installation team had MRL Sis. Cynthia Baffour, as the Installation Officer, Sis. Vivien Adusei, as the Installation Secretary, Sis. Justina Enninful, as the Installation Sentry, and W/Bro. Very Rev. Fr. Bernard Ackon, as the Installation Chaplain.

The Grand Knight and Noble Lady led brothers and sisters in giving thanks to God for a successfully installation at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, New Aplaku.

The Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Hans-Gerber Agbenefia in his sermon preached about the importance of Joseph in birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. He prayed for the growth of all members and the new leadership.