Chairman Mohammed Baantima Samba

Mr. Mohammed Baantima Samba, the New Patriotic Party Northern Region Chairman, has bolted from comments of his critics that the failed agenda 15 seats in the northern region is because of his amateurish style of leadership.

Contrary to the views of some party bigwigs and the youth that the Samba led Executives have failed to bring glory to the ruling party, Mr. Samba insists that, he has an impeccable records to show as his achievement in the past three years.

Admittedly, he said though the party did not achieve its target of 15 seats in the northern region to overturn it as its stronghold, the margin of vote increase for both presidential and parliamentary in the 2020 general elections is unprecedented.

According to him, the governing party in the past few years has witnessed an overwhelming number of NDC members defecting to the NPP in the region because of his lavish style of leadership making more attractive to all.  

The NPP Northern Regional Chairman made these remarks to Journalists in Tamale on sidelines of a meeting with the party’s regional communication team ahead of the Eid-ul Fitr celebration last Thursday.

“Though we did not win 15 seats in the Northern Region however I have achieved more than my agenda 15 seats and that is, we have increased the margins in the Presidential gains with over 5.1 percent that got the President Akufo-Addo his second term. The party did not only maintain its 9 seats but we maximized more votes for President NADAA to win the 2020 polls” he emphasized.

The Businessman cum Politician has come under intense criticism publicly and within his own party for failing to win the target 15 he promised and also attending to the needs of ordinary party supporters who angry with the party structures in the region.

One of such persons is a senior communicator of the party popularly called Oliver, who has become very critical of the Samba administration and accused the NPP Chairman of failed promises.

Others have also said the Chairman’s failure to win the polling station he personally voted in the Tamale North constituency is because the party has not been attractive enough.

Notwithstanding that, Mr. Samba reiterated that he has brought the needed leadership to the party, a reason the party in the 2020 general elections performed than any other region in the country.


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