President Nana Akufo-Addo commended for managing the COVID-19 pandemic well

NPP-USA Women’s Organizer Mrs Barbara Boafo has stated that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his team of experts have through prudent and competent management of the Ghanaian economy reduced the hardships on the citizens emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic through the implementation of reliefs and stimulus packages.

She commended the Government for the swift measures put in place to reduce the burden on the average Ghanaian through the provision of free water, since the intervention would give Ghanaians access to an uninterrupted supply of water as regular hand washing was one of the safety measures against the virus.

Mrs Boafo noted that the protocols which included regular hand washing with soap under running water, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, avoiding hand shaking, social distancing and avoiding crowded places was the surest way to control the spread of the virus.

According to Mrs. Boafo who made the commendation in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, all around the world, governments were putting in place policies to ensure that their citizens have economic relief.

“The introduction of the COVID-19 Alleviation Package (CAP) with the objective to protect households and livelihoods, support micro, small and medium-sized businesses, minimize job losses and source additional funding for promotion of industries to shore up and expand industrial output for domestic consumption and exports was an ideal way to go,” she emphasized.

She was of the view that the package would go a long way to cushion those who were looking for the best of relief on their finances to sustain their businesses and to avert job losses for employees, partners and suppliers.

She also commended the NPP Government for absorbing the registration fees of 313,837 Senior High School final year students from 1,167 schools across the country with an amount of GH¢75.4 million.

“This decision is welcoming news and couldn’t have come at a better time since it would ease the financial burden on parents and guardians, especially those whose livelihood had been affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, a clear demonstration of leadership sensitivity and futuristic by investing in the youth of this country who are the future leaders of the country,” she opined.

Against this backdrop, she called on Ghanaians, especially women and the youth to massively vote for the NPP in the December polls to bring more innovative policies at brightening the future of women and the youth.

Mrs Boafo contended that the impact, influence and inspiration of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo as a true leader has been overwhelmingly felt by the people of Ghana.

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