Hadija Alhassan -diagnosed of End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney failure)

The family of Hadija Alhassan, a 28 year old kidney patient in the Tamale metropolis is requiring an amount of US45, 000 dollars to undergo a kidney transplant abroad.

She was diagnosed of End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney failure) alongside cardiomyopathy at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

As a result, the patient for several months now has been undergoing haemodialysis three times every week at the dialysis unit of the Tamale Teaching Hospital.  

Each dialysis session cost an amount of GHS300, summing up to about GHS900 the family spends every week to carry out the procedure in order to sustain the life of the patient.

Hadija Alhassan explained to THE CUSTODIAN in an interview that the whole condition started during her pregnancy but when she went for medical care, doctors told her she had blood pressure.

She said her husband did not mind her when she informed him about what the doctors told her, adding, “but I had to rush back to the hospital when it became critical and I was admitted”

“After a couple of days, I complained to the doctors that I wasn’t feeling the reaction of my baby and they said they didn’t want to conduct caesarean section on me but after another three days when there wasn’t any improvement they performed the C-section but my baby had died”

Hadija said consequent to that the husband divorced her and absconded leaving her with the parents who are taking care of her.

“I don’t know whether it’s because of my condition, or because the baby died or whether there was any grudge that he has divorced me, I cannot tell” she lamented.

In an interaction with the family, the Mother, Nafisah Alhassan appealed to benevolent institutions, faith based organization and well-meaning individuals to help them.

The beleaguered mother said the family may not be able to pay for the dialysis session because they have exhausted all their resources for over one year now.

“My daughter needs help to survive now, we cannot afford the medical bills for the transplant and the Doctors say it is the only way she can be cured”

SOURCEthecustodianghonline.com/Mohammed Gadafi, Tamale
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