President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has urged all Ghanaians to observe a national day of fasting and prayer to seek the mercy and salvation of God as the world comes under siege over the deadly novel coronavirus. The President in his third address of the nation over the COVID-19 disease Saturday night said, “Whilst we continue to adhere to these measures, and ramp up our efforts to defeat this virus, I urge all of us, also, to seek the face of the Almighty. So, on Wednesday, 25th March, 2020, I appeal to all Ghanaians, Christians and Muslims, to observe a national day of fasting and prayer. Let us pray to God to protect our nation and save us from this pandemic.”

He said the citizenry must maintain strict self-discipline and continue to practice the prescribed social distancing and enhanced hygiene protocols in all aspects of their daily lives. He emphasized that, “We must wash our hands regularly, use alcohol-based sanitizers, stop shaking hands and avoid unnecessary close body contact.”

“I am pleading with each and every one of you, comply with these measures. Our survival is in our own hands, the cases of localized infections require that we maintain strict self-discipline” President Akufo-Addo stressed further.

He commended the leaders of both the Christian and Muslim communities for the breakfast prayer intervention at the Jubilee House with him and with the Vice President on Thursday and Friday respectively.

“I applaud the efforts and courage of Ghanaians in the forefront of the fight against the virus – health workers, immigration officials, customs officials, civil aviation officials, airport staff, port health officials, police and military personnel, and other essential service providers – for the yeoman’s work you are doing. Our nation is deeply in your debt” he added.

Ghana on Saturday, 21 March, 2020, recorded its first death of the virus involving a Lebanese national resident in Ghana and according to the Ghana Health Service COVID-19 Webpage, the confirmed cases of the virus has now risen to 21 as at 03:15 GMT.