Chief Justice, Anin Yeboah has directed that all legal cases in Accra and Kumasi should be adjourned to May and June 2020 following the restriction of movement of persons resident in those areas in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although the President exempted members of the Judiciary from partial lockdown, Justice Anin Yeboah said lawyers, litigants and other court users do not fall under the exempt category and must, therefore, stay at home.

“For this reason, registrars are directed to adjourn all cases listed during this period to dates in May and June 2020,” a statement signed by the Chief Justice indicated.

However, some courts in the affected regions have been designated to deal with critical cases such as “breaches arising from the restriction orders and other criminal matters”.

The Supreme Court and Court of Appeal are also available to handle urgent cases as may be determined by the Chief Justice during this period.

Other measures

To reduce the number of workers, support staff who fall in certain categories have already been requested to take their annual leave.

A skeletal staff who will, however, be required to be in place to support the designated courts are registrars, cashiers, court clerks, interpreters, recorders and bailiffs.


                      COURT            LOCATION
1.   General Jurisdiction 3Accra Law Court Complex
2.   Human Rights 2Accra Law Court Complex
3.   Circuit Court 11Accra
4.   Circuit Court 1Accra
5.   District Court, AdjabengAdjabeng, Accra
6.   District Court 1, KaneshieWorkers College
7.   District Court, Teshie-NunguaTeshie Nungua
8.   District Court 1, MadinaMadina
9.   Circuit Court  1, AdentanAdenta
10. Circuit Court, AmasamanAmasaman
11. District Court 1, AmasamanAmasaman
12. High Court 1 TemaTema
13. Circuit Court 1 TemaTema
14. District Court 1, TemaTema
15. District Court, AshaimanAshaiman


1.   Human Rights Court 8Kumasi
2.   High Court 3 Kumasi
3.   Circuit Court 2Adum
4.   Circuit Court KMAKMA
5.   District Court 1, AdumAdum
6.   District Court 2, AsokwaAsokwa
7.   District Court, MampongtengMampongteng
8.   District Court, EjisuEjisu
9.   District Court, Asokore MampongAsokore Mampong
10. Circuit Court, NkawieNkawie
11. District Court, KuntenaseKuntenase
12. District Court, AkropongAkropong
13. District Court, KodieKodie