Ghanaian Television channel, Citi TV, will from Thursday, April 9, 2020, kick-start a sensitization campaign on the coronavirus pandemic in specific markets and communities in Accra, to keep citizens more informed to protect themselves and the masses from the disease.

The station has thus dedicated two of its pick-up vehicles solely branded for the exercise.

Managing Director of Citi FM and Citi TV, Samuel Attah-Mensah, says as a media house, whose topmost objective is to inform and educate; there’s the need to carry out that mandate directly into the communities when the need arises.

He says the pandemic, which poses a threat to everyone, cannot be left to government alone, hence the decision by Citi TV to support the public education campaign.

The Citi TV COVID-19 sensitization campaign is thus expected to complement the efforts of the Information Ministry, the Information Services Department and the National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE.

Although government is tackling the situation from all angles through several measures, the sensitization is said to be inadequate.

Concerns are that some people are limited in their understanding of the health and safety protocols; the seriousness of the situation; and the importance of complying to the government’s directives; especially in the areas that have been partially locked down.

The perceived misunderstanding has largely been blamed for the instances where some persons have flouted the social distancing protocol and the partial lockdown directives.

For instance, the non-compliance to the social distancing directive in the markets by traders; has forced some municipal, metropolitan and district assemblies to shut down markets in some of the lockdown areas, although they’re exempted from the lockdown because they deal in food which is essential.