The government has begun an exercise to take home persons who tested negative for the novel coronavirus whilst in mandatory quarantine for the past 14 days.

When Citi News visited one of the hotels were some persons were in quarantine, some of them expressed relief at the opportunity to finally go home after their periods of isolation.

“It is all joy. we give glory to God… we were just trying to do the best we could,” a man who had come to pick up his wife who was on quarantine said to Citi News.

Another woman said the end of the quarantine period was a “big relief” and spoke warmly of their treatment during the period.

“It has been quite good because we need to save a lot of people form this disease. The way they quarantined us was a good experience.. we were protected. We were safe.”

One other woman had mixed feelings about the whole process.

“I was happy. I was lucky that finally, I can go back home,” she said in response to testing negative for the virus over the quarantine period.

But as someone who will be travelling to Tamale, she expressed frustrations as she was stranded after her released from quarantine.

She noted that the authorities said they were now making arrangements to ger bus for those travelling outside the region.

“When I went [to make more enquiries] I was told that we should wait because they don’t know if we will be able to go today or not… right now we are here, I don’t know if we are going home today. I don’t know if we are going home tomorrow.”

“You don’t wait till the end of the process and yo tell me that we don’t know how we are going to go home,” she complained further.

According to the Information Minister, the national security secretariat and the military are coordinating the exit and transport to of the formerly quarantined persons to their homes.

Of the over 1,000 persons in mandatory quarantine, 80 of them tested positive for the virus.