Second deputy Speaker of Parliament

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin has urged members of the House to acknowledge the contribution of others in the development of Ghana’s democracy.
According to him, the discourse of the House has put presidents of the state at the centre of its development as if others have contributed nothing.

That, he said, is not helping the development of Ghana’s democracy. He stressed that Ghana’s democratic development is not the exclusive achievement of any particular president but the collective work of the entire Ghanaian public. 

Mr. Bagbin made the call during the debate on a motion for a loan facility with the International Development Association (IDA) for an amount of US$35.00 million to finance the Ghana COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Response Project (EPRP).

He said, “The President of this country has already been given too much power by Constitution and laws. Don’t add to that.“Our discourse sees nobody apart from presidents as if the rest of us are nothing and we don’t do anything.”

The Deputy Speaker lamented that Members of Parliament praise presidents as if the state has no vision.

“So everything is the vision of the President of the day and everything that is done is the president of the day. That is not helping the development of democracy in this country,” he added.

He called for change, stressing that Parliament is expected to show leadership and warned, “You cannot continue this way please.”

“It is the collective action of the whole of this country; the people of Ghana that has gotten us this far.”

“Please, let’s acknowledge our contribution and appreciate what every individual in this country is contributing towards development of the nation.”

“Let’s not talk of only presidents and former presidents as if for all these years we have done nothing.”

“I mean it’s not right. That is autocracy and not democracy,” he stated.

Mr Alban Bagbin who is  also the MP for Nadowli/Kaleo was forced to make this intervention after two MPs from the majority and minority sides went on tirade of praise-singing for the current and former Presidents.

The two espoused positions that suggested one of these leaders has done more than the other for the country.

The second deputy speaker described these positions as totally wrong and argued the Ghanaians have supported the growth of the country every step of the way and therefore the achievements are not just for these two individuals.