The Northern Regional Chief Imam, Sheikh Abdul Salam Ahmed with Muslim Clerics reciting the holy Quran

The Northern Regional Chief Imam, Sheikh Abdul Salam Ahmed Friday morning, 3 April, 2020, led powerful scholars of the Muslim community in the northern region to seek God’s favour in the coronavirus pandemic. 

Together with the Regional Minister Mr Salifu Saeed, the Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Development Authority (NDA) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Regional Chairman, the Muslim clerics recited the holy Quran at the Tamale Central mosque for Allah’s protection against the deadly disease.

The northern region has so far recorded 10 confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease involving some foreigners who entered into the region without lawful permit. 

Consequent to that, more than 40 people have been quarantined for coming into contact with these nationals of Guinea and Burkina Faso including some healthcare workers at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

Speaking to the media, leader of Masjidul Qudwa, Sheikh Amin Bamba explained the purpose of the prayer is to seek permanent relief from Allah. 

He said, “We have been besieged by an enemy that is invisible and we have no way of dealing with the enemy but seeking the help of Allah.

“Today is Friday the best day of the week and we are gathered in the house of Allah which is the best place on earth, we have recited the best of books revealed by Allah; interceding on behalf of the world, interceding on behalf of Ghanaians for Allah to come to our aid” Sheikh Bamba noted.

He said the novel COVID-19 pandemic is real, however admonished the public to intensify their prayers for the intervention of God Almighty, stating, “We need guidance from Allah and without his guidance it will be extremely difficult to find solution or cure for the pandemic.”


According to Sheikh Amin Bamba, as far as Islam is concerned, Muslims are supposed to give obedience to Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and then the Quran instruct us to give obedience to authority, explaining the authority could be religious leaders or those governing the country.

“Whatever they say based on evidence, based on wisdom and things that will save us, things that will protect us; we are supposed to obey the instructions that are coming from our leaders. We must adhere to the social distancing and other guidelines given by government and professional health experts of Ghana.”

For his part, Mr. Salifu Saeed thanked the Muslim clerics for joining government to prayer for the mercy of Allah in the country. 

He said the situation requires the support of all stakeholders, justifying why the prayers cannot be understated. 

The minister advised the people to continue observing social distancing and keep the environment more hygienic to curb the spread of the virus.

The NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. Adam Mohammed Baantima Samba said political parties should come together and support President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in the fight against the coronavirus disease, arguing the virus is not a respector of NPP, NDC or any political divide in the world.