The Traders Advocacy Group Ghana is urging its members to keep their shops open despite calls by GUTA to the contrary.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) asked its members to close their shops on Wednesday in protest of the current economic situation in Ghana.

The dollar rate, inflation rate, lending rate and the cost of fuel are all at alarming levels, a situation that has set many tongues wagging, calling on the government to salvage the situation.

Speaking at a press conference, the secretary of Traders Advocacy Group Ghana, Nana Poku, stressed that the closure of shops would only worsen the plight of traders.

Mr. Nana Poku urged membership of TAGG to “keep their shops open to keep body and soul together”. He said even though the closure of shops seems a plausible means of drumming home their concerns, the impact will be unbearable.

“We still have to feed our children and bear all responsibilities in spite of the hardship in the country. Even with our shops open, we are not able to do so effectively so what then happens if we shut down?” Nana Poku added.

While assuring members of TAGG of their commitment to continue to fight for their welfare, Nana Poku noted that the protest for a change in the economic fortunes of the country is necessary and must continue hence his directive to all members to “continue to wear red armbands, wearing red and black clothes and put red banners in front of their shops”.

This will be the second time TAGG has called on its members to defy such orders by GUTA to close down their shops across the country.