Mr Patrick Yaw Boamah, MP for Okaikwei Central

Member of Parliament for Okaikwei Central, Mr. Patrick Yaw Boamah, has joined calls to the Minority group to rethink its decision to follow en masse its members in court on trial days.

He urged the side to reconsider their stance, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling their duties as elected representatives of the people.

Expressing his concerns over the situation, Mr. Patrick Boamah stressed the significance of the Minority’s involvement in parliamentary affairs.

“The Minority is a very important caucus in parliamentary business, so any decision not to participate actively would definitely affect proceedings,” Mr. Patrick Boamah reiterated.

He addressed the media after the House was forced to suspend sitting because the Minority members had trooped to the High Court again to solidarize with the member for Assin North, James Gyakye Quayson.

The Minority has opted not to actively participate in the proceedings, raising concerns over the potential impact on parliamentary business.

The decision comes as an act of solidarity with the recently sworn-in Gyakye Quayson, who finds himself embroiled in a legal matter.

However, a section of the public and MPs are urging the Minority to reconsider their stance, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling their duties as elected representatives.

While acknowledging the Minority’s rights to stand in solidarity with their colleague, Patrick Boamah argued the Assin North MP is duly represented by experienced lawyers, and appealed to their sense of responsibility.

“It’s very important that we also get measured with what we do with regards to our responsibilities as members of parliament as duty demands of us. We ought to be in that chamber to represent the people who voted for us,” he urged.

Even though respecting the caucus and party decision of the Minority, Mr. Boamah emphasized the need for limitations.

“Yes it’s their right, it’s a caucus decision. It’s a party decision. I respect that, but I’m entreating them that there ought to be a limit to what they do, especially when we have business on the floor they have to partake,” he stated.

The absence of the Minority in parliamentary proceedings has raised concerns about the potential impact on legislative discussions and decision-making processes.

With important matters awaiting deliberation, it is imperative that all members of Parliament fulfil their obligations to the people they represent.

As the situation continues to unfold, the Minority’s decision to stand in solidarity while maintaining a balance between their cause and parliamentary duties remains a subject of intense scrutiny.

The Majority group eagerly awaits their reconsideration and active participation in the forthcoming proceedings, emphasizing the significance of ensuring a functioning and representative legislative process.