The Northern Region Muslim Council of Ghana (NRMCG) on Saturday, May 25, 2024, formally inaugurated a five member Media and Publicity Committee to promote a better understanding of the Islamic religion through the teaching and learning of the fundamental doctrines and principles enshrined in the holy Quran and the Sunnah (practices) of Prophet Mohammad (S.W.A).

The committee is chaired by Mr. Alhassan Mohammed, who doubles the Public Relations Officer of the Council. Mr. Yaro Ismail Kataale, a media practitioner with Tamale based Might TV/Radio will serve as Secretary to the committee.

The other members of the committee include, Mr. Yakubu Abdul Majeed, the Northern Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association, Mr. Sharif Yunus Abubakar, a retired veteran media practitioner and Mohammed Gadafi, a broadcast Journalist and writer with the Custodian newspaper, a national daily.

Meanwhile, the council has further nominated Mr. Nelson Asha-daan, a broadcast Journalist with over two decades of practicing experience as a Consultant to the media and publicity committee and Alhaji Mohammed Zakaria Nuruzaman as a co-opted member.

Addressing members of the committee, Chairman of the Northern Region Muslim Council of Ghana, Sheikh Issah Abubakari underscored the importance of the media and publicity committee to the work of the council.

“If you look at the action plan of the council for this year 2024, you will realize that there’s a lot that we intend to do.”

“In fact, we have done a lot of work and there’s still a lot more we would be doing as far as our action plan is concerned. It is said that whatever that you’re doing and people are not aware, it presupposes that you’re not doing anything” he stated.

He therefore the committee members to fashion out strategies and proposals to advance the objectives and activities of the council in their line of duty.

“Each and everyone of you has been nominated in trust of your experience and expertise and I have full confidence that your committee will live up to expectations” Sheikh Issah added.

The Committee Chairman, Mr. Alhassan Mohammed, thanked leadership of the council for reposing such confidence in the group.

He also assured the council of the committee’s preparedness and unwavering dedication and commitment to realize the purpose for which it was established.

The Northern Region Muslim Council of Ghana aims to inculcate the values and teachings of Islam in Muslims particularly the youth, as well as addressing challenges confronting Muslims in the practice of the religion.

Part of its objectives is to promote peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims in order to reduce hatred and conflicts in our communities.