Mr. Godfred Yeboah Dame, Attorney-General & Minister for Justice

Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame has spoken for the first time publicly over accusations that he’s engaged in witness tampering and fabrication of evidence in the ongoing ambulance procurement trial.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) which released an audio of a supposed conversation between the Attorney General and the third accused person in the case, believes Mr Dame is bent on jailing the Minority Leader Dr Cassiel Ato Forson, the first accused person at all costs.

Speaking to journalists after Tuesday’s hearing on the ambulance procurement trial, Mr Dame stated that despite the traps being set against him by his adversaries, he is confident he will ultimately prevail. 

He emphasised his unwavering commitment to his duties and asserted that he will not be intimidated by these challenges.

The Attorney General expressed his determination to continue performing his responsibilities with integrity, regardless of the opposition he faces.

“The Lord does not delight in the pleasure of the wicked and that even though they lay traps for me, I’ll flee from them and righteousness will always prevail over evil”he told the press.

During a recent cross-examination, Richard Jakpa revealed that the Attorney General had been contacting him at unusual hours to solicit testimony against the Minority Leader, Dr. Ato Forson. 

This revelation has sparked widespread discussions among Ghanaians, with some individuals calling for the resignation of Attorney General Godfred Dame. 

Dr Ato Forson, a former Deputy Finance Minister and current Minority Leader, is on trial for his alleged involvement in the procurement of defective ambulances for Ghana. He stands accused of causing a financial loss of 2.3 million Euros to the state.

In response, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) held a press conference where they played a 16-minute tape allegedly featuring a conversation between the Attorney General and Jakpa. 

However, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) refuted the claims made in the audio, asserting that it has been “doctored and manipulated” with malicious intent.

Although the Attorney General had not commented personally until now, his office sought to exonerate him.

Ambulance trial: AG describes Jakpa’s application as frivolous, vexatious

Meanwhile, the Attorney-General has opposed an application for an order striking out the charges and terminating the proceedings or staying proceedings against Richard Jakpa, third accused in the trial of Dr Ato Forson and one other.

Meanwhile, in an affidavit in response to a motion by Mr Jakpa seeking a dismissal of the charges against him or a stay of execution, the AG said no proper grounds had been canvassed by the applicant to warrant a grant of that application, which was unknown to criminal procedure and practice in Ghana.

“…That the instant application is a rush and a desperate smoke screen by the applicant to abort his legitimate prosecution for the role he played in causing financial loss to the State in the purchase of ordinary vans purporting to be ambulances,” the AG said.

The AG said the application, anchored on “untruths and a skilful manipulation of facts”, sought to cloth the applicant with immunity from prosecution and to that extent, “incompetent and offensive to Ghanaian law”.