Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerians on social media have made a jest of the federal government’s offer of support for Mozambique in its fight against Islamist insurgents.

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama who went to Mozambique over the weekend, said Nigeria is ready to provide support to Mozambique in their fight against the Islamist militants.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, over 2,000 people have been killed due to violence, in the country.

But Nigerians and other nationals have heavily criticized the ability of the country to support Mozambique to deal with the insurgents, considering the fact that Nigeria has been dealing with the same issue for many years.

Read some reactions below:

@broyobrown: “Joke of the century. Can the blind lead the blind except they both fall into a pit?”

@chineduodira: “A man whose house is on fire, is offering to assist another, whose home is threatened by rats.”

@Olusegun_saint: “A huge joke. I am sure Mozambique is laughing their heads off. The Bible says for you to remove the fig in your brother’s eyes, first remove that in your own eye so you can see clearly to remove the one in your brother’s eye… What we know to do best is embarrass ourselves.”

@AzukaEmmanuel3: “The holy scripture said a man should first remove the beam in his eyes so that he can see properly to remove the mote in another man’s eye. Let’s solve our problem first and we can use the knowledge & experience gained to help others solve theirs.”

@Mikkyflame: “The Nigerian government is a joke. First tackle kidnappers and herdsmen, then Boko Haram.”

@AsidoEffa: “What help can Nigeria offer Mozambique? Help on how to prolong an insurgency? Please let’s be serious.”

@YinkaAfe: “Like they’re fighting it on their own land. Toothless bulldog!”

@EhinomeIyere: “You have not been able to eliminate the snake in your house that poses a grave threat to your household but want to go to your neighbour’s residence to help kill its own snake threatening its own household. It is crazy. Terrorists are killing innocent Nigerians.”

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