Personnel of the Ghana  Police Service in the northern region at about 4am today Saturday, 18 April, 2020, in a Rambo-style raided the Changli community, suburb of the Tamale metropolis and allegedly unleashed mayhem on innocent residents of the community.

There is a total destruction of thousands of properties and evidence of physical assault of members of the community allegedly perpetuated by officers of the Ghana Police Service who ransacked the area at a time many of the inhabitants were still at sleep. can report that, windscreens of several packed vehicles were destroyed and mapoka motorcycles also smashed.

Additionally, electronic gadgets which flat screens, mobile phones, air conditioners and other valuable items were damaged in an operation the people described as “unwarranted.”

14-year old Hikma Yahaya narrated that, three of the police officers stormed their compound when she and other family members were asleep and unprovocably started whipping them. 

She said none of them (officers) explained their offence to them before physically manhandling her and the family.

Another male resident said: “They broke my door and entered into my room like thieves and started beating me and one of them used an object to hit my LED Plasma TV. So I had to struggle with them and they pulled me out of the room and all of them were hitting my body.” 

Thecustodianghonline com has gathered that some police officers last Thursday went into the same community to arrest a female suspect who was then observing her Islamic prayer. 

It is unclear what caused the arrest of the lady but it ensued scuffle between the police and community members.

The Assemblyman for Changli, Iddrisu Ibrahim described the incident as unfortunate and said the police have failed to conduct themselves professionally and ethically.

Assemblyman for Changli, Iddrisu Ibrahim speaking to

He revealed he personally submitted the suspect yesterday Friday to the metro command and she was later transferred to the Divisional Command at Lamashegu.

He added all attempts to get bail for the suspect was unsuccessful and she is still in police custody and further wondered why this needless chaos caused by the police.

“When they came I overheard one police officer saying they should kill, shoot, shoot, they have caused some much trouble to the people” he alleged.  

The Assemblyman for Aboabo, Mohammed Dawudu in an interview with said his family in the Changli was also raided and several properties of his family destroyed. 

Assemblyman for Aboabo, Mohammed Dawudu

He condemned the alleged brutalities meted to the police officers who first came to cause the arrest of the suspect.

However, he noted the rights of innocent citizens have been violated and threatened they will sue the Ghana Police Service in court the professional conduct. 

He alleged the police went away with about 63 smart phones belonging to individuals in the area and about 21 Plasma screens and TV decoders have been damaged in the event.