Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day
To the gender that doesn’t want to be celebrated.
For we are still learning how to love ourselves
So why should we want to be celebrated?

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to all of them:
First to those who are yet to walk into open trouble,
On the ticket that they want to be responsible
Maybe, they should listen to Dube, who was Un-Lucky, Mama.

To the men
Who are yet learning that love doesn’t like force,
Even Cassius Clay never used a punch
At home to prove a point,
Happy Father’s Day.

For the men who are nurturing joyfully
the seeds of other men, unknowingly.
May they never find out, lest there be thunder in paradise,
Happy Father’s Day.

May the ones who have stretched out their arms
To hold together families
take care of themselves too,
For they may not live forever
Happy Father’s Day.

Many cannot go home
From work but have to visit the Blue kiosk,
Waiting for their other halfs to die in bed
by the time they return from work
For how long will they continue like this?

Happy Father’s Day
To the man who provides for the home
But has to eat at ‘Forget your wife’ joint before he gets home
He understands that the kitchen is not for woman anymore.

Wait; to the men
Whose heads are shinny and their cheeks, multiplied,
Who are willing properties of the motherland to their own, Forever;
You have a place in heaven!

Anyone of them who is still holding onto the belief that Adam doesn’t cry, repent.
To all those who are holding it together,
through all weather,
Happy Father’s Day.

Written by: SamKcat

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